Land of Canada

Report 1.0

Canada is similar enough to the States that I’m not suffering from extreme culture shock, but there are some things that are different.


1. Milk in bags. Yup…milk comes in bags. I don’t like touching the swishing milk in plastic bags.
2. Tim Horton’s coffee. I didn’t want to admit it at first, but their coffee is better and at a better price. I actually craved Tim’s after my first visit to Canada.
3. So. Many. Trees. I love it! I missed having four, real seasons. Well, I’m getting the most winter-y winter and colorful fall a (pumpkin spice, white) girl could want.
4. People sound mostly like people from the States, until they say “eh”.
5. I don’t get trash for apologizing anymore. Actually, I need to work on my public niceness. Years in the States made me a little rude in public compared to Canadians. Funny.

* Update: The other day a stranger bumped into me and I apologized. I think I’m becoming Canadian!

6. There are black squirrels. I had never seen a black squirrel in my travels before, so it shocked me. I saw one steal a whole pear the other day. They are also larger. In fact, a lot of things are bigger. Yes, bigger than in Texas. Sorry, Texas.
7. Thanksgiving is in October! Which is nice, considering my birthday is right after the American Thanksgiving…not good timing on my part.
8. There is French everywhere. Wish I had paid more attention to my French teacher, probably would make finding a job easier. Instead I had tried Russian, then Spanish. I’ve spent years learning dead languages on my own…but not French.
9. There are moose and beavers everywhere!!! 😉 Just kidding.
10. Canadian snacks will make me fat, because they are so good! Ketchup chips are the devil.
More updates later.

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