gilly the wizard: wishful inkers issue no. 2

Issue 2: Second Chances
Do you believe in second chances?

Six Inkers came together to bring you a themed anthology all about their interpretations of what second chances mean to them.
This issue is a compilation of short stories and flash fiction that will make you smile, cry and think. We are also happy to add a short story by our first ever guest author, Kristin Hargnett!

Our featured writer, which we are calling the “Editor” for this issue is Kay Apel. Check out her Q & A at the end of this issue!
All proceeds from the sale of this issue will be going to the charity, Children’s Miracle Network, which raise money to local hospitals that can be used for new equipment, education for staff, charitable care, and also towards special needs that patients may have.

~ Wishful Inkers

Here is an exert from Issue 2, buy the issue to read the whole story and learn more about us. Proceeds go to charity.


Gilly stared out the window, his stomach too sour to eat dinner, his notes covered with ink, and his thoughts too scattered to focus on study. The sun set over the cityscape, the golden light reflecting off the silver dome of the High Magic Academy of Wizards. He left out a slow breath. The fat cat was curled up on Sap’s bunk, one eye open and on Jasper’s owl, who was perched with one eye open, focused on the cat. Gilly grinned.

He looked to his cactus, his unusual familiar named Prince.

“Tomorrow is the day. I’ll be meeting the council of High Wizards to retake the Trials. If I pass, I’ll be admitted into the High Magic Academy! On my journey to learn the most powerful and ancient spells! If I fail…again…I cannot enter the trials ever again. It’s cast or die, Prince,” Gilly said.

“Last time I failed by accident of course, and then turned myself into a turtle. I had misspelled the words so the spell came out…wrong. They had to rescue me…,” Gilly said.

This time around is different, Prince said, Sap read all the spells books to you, you sang them…memorized them. I’ve got a new flower. I’ve decided that is a good omen.

“The world of Elel is s magical place, home to the greatest wizards in history. Almost everyone could do magic, common magic, but only the best were admitted into the High Magic Academy to the learn the most powerful and most secret spells. I want to be something special. I want to help people, change the world, and be a great wizard. I want to make my family proud. Tomorrow will be one the most important days of my life. I hope I don’t ruin it.” Gilly stared out the window, clutching the table. His hands were shaking.

“Help me be brave,” he said to the familiar.

I believe in you, Prince said.

The cactus flower fluttered open. Gilly smiled.

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