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Here’s the thing, I accidentally hatched an ancient dragon egg, so I acquired the responsibility of keeping a dragon. They (dragons don’t have a gender until they are 1000 years old, at which point they pick one…they are similar to the clown fish) live in my spare room and demand stories and art all day, as well as pie, tea, and the occasional bone to chew on. At first, they had demanded humans to crunch. They threatened to burn my city to the ground and then the whole world until their demands were met. I refused and in my awkwardness I started to read them a story from a comic I was working on, hoping to awaken some form of compassion in them. They were amused and I spent the rest of the day drawing pictures for them and telling stories. Anyone who has shown off their artistic ability to a group of 5 year-olds understands this situation. Eventually, they went to sleep. I believe my gift sharing encouraged the dragon’s treasure hoarding sensibilities. 

But at dawn, they woke and demanded more art or else they’d go out and find crunchy humans to snack on. Of course, I appeased them. Thus, I’m trapped in my house all day making stories and art to please the dragon. In other words, I’m saving the world everyday. You’re welcome.

You can help out by buying my art or sending me ideas of stuff to make via commissions because I’m running out of ideas. Thanks.


Wishful Inkers | a non-profit short story, a quarterly international anthology.

The LivingRoom Community Art Studio | visit us in Oshawa. Make some art for free and hang out with other artists.


B.S. in Psychology — Florida State University

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