Artist / Writer / Nerd / Traveler / Free Spirit \\ Weird

I’m Christine, an artist from the Southern States. I live in Oshawa, Ontario with my partner and two cats, Lily and Luna. A mostly self-taught artist that loves to challenge the status quo.

I like to dwell in the “in-between”, where art intersects with other fields, like psychology or history or nature.

My tools of the trade are acrylic paints, watercolors, ink, digital/photoshop, photography, multimedia, and written word. I also have experience with dance, theatre, and modeling.


Wishful Inkers a non-profit short story, a quarterly international anthology.

The LivingRoom Community Art Studio Come to visit us in Oshawa. Make some art for free and hang out with other artists.


Bachelor’s of Arts & Sciences in Psychology from the Florida State University

*** Commissions: TBA 

For business inquiries, please email me. Thank you.